Community Garden

Community Garden of Island Girl Power


What is Kurason I Sengsong Community Garden?

Our Kurason I Sengsong Community Garden was created in 2014 and serves as a gathering place for members of the community garden. We recognize the therapeutic benefits of gardening and walking through nature's green spaces. Our community garden also has a broader impact on other Kurason I Sengsong programs such as Island Girl Power (hyperlink), Guam Service Learning and Friends of the Parks for the purpose of educating the island's youth and community members about food security and self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship.

Our community garden has been a member of the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) since 2014.

Who can join the Kurason I Sengsong Community Garden?

We continue to foster a community of people who span different age groups, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds: all are welcome! Families, groups and individuals are able to rent various size garden plots for 1 year (upon availability) for the purposes of gardening and kinship with others interested in gardening and being healthy. In that same token, we provide scholarships to youth members, homeless people, and victims of violence sponsored garden plots.

What is our hope for the Kurason I Sengsong Community Garden Members?

Our hope is that garden members find value and fulfillment utilizing the space we have created for them and follow the terms of our CommunityGardenAgreement. We hope that garden members maximize the usability of their garden plots by tending to it frequently. It is also our hope that garden members unable to find time to garden come forward and surrender their garden plots for others to rent that have more time to garden.


How to become a Garden Member

To rent a garden plot or inquire about availability, please call (call 671-688-4752). A tour of the garden and facility is required prior to signing our Community Garden Agreement. Once payment is received, new members will receive key access to the garden gate.

Meet some of our Kurason I Sengsong Community gardeners!