Friends of the Parks Projects

Dededo Rainforest Restoration Park (DRRP)/ DEDEDO NATURE PARK

Executive Director – Juanita Blaz

Board of Directors – Myracle Mugol President, Clarissa Torres Vice President, Barbara Burkhardt Secretary, Jayne Flores Treasurer, Vanessa Williams Legal, Juanita Blaz, Founding President (non-voting)

Contact         (671) 989-1602 or 688-4752



Kurason I Sengsong is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting under- resourced Youth with educational enrichment and life skills activities. We provide resources at our Community Center in the Heart of the Village of Dededu. Satellite locations will provide services per program requirements. Core staff have been with the program since 2001.

Kurason I Sengsong was formed in 2022, separating amicably from their parent organization The Ayuda Foundation dba Island Girl Power since 2001.

Our Adult volunteers constantly maintain the quality of our programs, fundraising projects and Environmental Programs. We also emphasize the importance of Positive Role Models and Volunteering in our community.

Our Environmental programs have grown in response to community interest. The grounds of Kurason I Sengsong were originally developed in support of Island Girl Power Clubhouse activities for youth and their families. Since 2014, Environmental programs have grown to include restoration of neighborhood parks and address sustainable food education.

VISION STATEMENT Our vision is to create an environment where youth ages 7 to 18 can feel safe and confident in their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices, and create positive change in their life and others. We want them to know just how special they are here at Kurason I Sengsong.


Island Girl Power since 2001, Kurason I Sengsong dba Island Girl Power

Kurason I Sengsong dba Island Girl Power school year 2023/2024- Island Girl Powers a female empowerment and youth leadership and prevention program of Kurason I Sengsong. Their mission is simple to empower, encourage, and inspire.

Island Girl Power Program provides education-based classes in coping, self-esteem, prevention education, environmental stewardship and cultural pride

Girl enrollment 7-14 yrs, Capacity 75 at risk girls per year.
Teen Mentors 15- 18yrs
Role models 15- adult

Thrift Store since 2004

The Thrift Store provides pre entry level retail experience to youth, an income stream to fund operations at Kurason I Sengsong and vouchers for families and individuals, fulfilled from essential needs storage, donated housewares, furniture as available and clothing

Guam Service Learning, since 2014, Kurason I Sengsong dba Guam Service Learning

Kurason I Sengsong dba Guam Service Learning, - GDOE, Private School, Home school and GCC students can register and download vetted Projects to complete their mandatory service-learning requirements. GSL provides Teacher and Student training at yearly High School events.
2023/2024 program expansion will begin to address noncredit service-learning requirements for K – 8 students.
Capacity 7,500 students per year, peak enrollment 2019 before COVID.
-Teacher & Student Training at High School events
-Project Contributor Training with High School teachers as well as outreach to Government
Agencies and NGO’s to provide vetted activities to HS youth students.
-Outreach to High Schools
-Project Vetting and entry into the Website

Service Learning at Kurason I Sengsong provides a resource rich environment for HS students to complete some of the vetted activities offered on
Capacity 250 students per year at Kurason I Sengsong, Dededo.

Friends of the Park, since 2014 Kurason I Sengsong dba Friends of the Parks Program
Dededo Rainforest Restoration Program since 2015, on Saturdays 4-6 volunteers are led by our volunteer Citizen Forester. We have stewardship of an adjacent 11-acre stormwater public land parcel. Since 2016 1/3 has been cleared of invasives, 1/3 is about to undergo intensive reforestation. We are proud to provide protection and habitat to our only native animal, the Guam tree snail.

Adopt a Neighborhood Park Campaign since 2017, is the volunteer group who goes outside the Community Center to our neighborhood parks within the Kaiser Subdivision.

Guam Native Plant Society, since 2022, 40+ members, GNPS Instagram now has >500 followers, and Facebook has >1500. Our goal is decreasing native plant “blindness”, correct the public record on native plants, create resources for use by the public with trail plant labeling, educational and actual plant experiences. Amateur and professional Guam native flora and fauna enthusiasts are welcome. Our Native Plant Nursery benefits greatly from GNPS with seed and propagation assistance under the guidance of the Department of Agriculture.

Native Plant Nursery, since 2018, recently to be doubled in size to accommodate 4,500 plants under propagation. The Native Plant Nursery will provide material for the upcoming rapid reforestation project at the 11-acre Nature Park. We also anticipate providing plants and planning for selected reforestation projects at schools, mayor’s offices/parks and governmental grounds. Kurason I Sengsong Native Plant Nursery works in cooperation and support of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry Division.

Volunteers, since 2001
Volunteer Program capacity 1000’s of hours per year. Individuals often benefit by completing education and service hours often required by Government, University of Guam and Guam Community College programs.

● Families and guardians benefit by having their youth enrolled in programs and participating in educational and volunteer activities in support of their youth.
● Island Girl Power Program began in 2002. Our girls as they mature into adults, return in many capacities to further the mission of Kurason I Sengsong.
● Thrift Store – 2-4 Manamko volunteer for sorting, stocking and provide sales assistance. Our Manamko return as their social engagement and enjoyment of life is enhanced by participating in areas of interest as volunteers.
● Core Team of Professional Services Volunteers – 8 total 2023.
● Groundskeeping Volunteer Program since 2021, 6:30 – 9:30 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: supervise days of service volunteers as required. 4 -6 Manamko participate regularly and weekly. Groundskeeping, building maintenance, security and natural resource building is a 365, 24/7 activity of Kurason I Sengsong. Our Manamko return as their social engagement and enjoyment of life is enhanced by participating in areas of interest as volunteers.
● Military service hours as required by their command group.

Justice based Community Service Program – screened and supervised by the Executive Director.
Capacity 8 per year.

Kurason I Sengsong Community Gardens, since 2014
Garden Plots since 2014, 22 allotments were constructed by volunteer days of service in 2014. Since that time the community is invited yearly to enroll as Community Garden members. Quarterly meetings are held for workshops, plant and seed sharing, and food demonstrations.

Urban Farmer pilot 2023, up to 4 families quarterly participate in planting, maintaining and harvesting crops within the Community Gardens and Agroforests. Tilapia and honey are included in crop harvesting. Workshops and community building exercises will be provided. The Goal in 2023 is to harvest up to 2000 lbs. of food for consumption by our Urban Farmer Families.

Craft Food Entrepreneur Program new to Kurason I Sengsong in 2023, we seek volunteers and Environmental Interns to harvest crops and process them in our certified craft kitchen for sale. Proceeds are in support of Kurason I Sengsong Programs. In the future we envision workshops and resources for our neighbors to establish craft food businesses.